Cell Size

Topics: Volume, Molecular diffusion, Cell biology Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Cell Size: Is Bigger Better?

Problem: Why are cells small?
Objective: To see the relationship between cell size and diffusion of materials. Hypothesis: If we cut three different sizes of cells, then the smallest one will survive the longest due to its sufficient permeable membrane.

Cube| Total Volume (cm^3)| Surface Area (cm^2)| Index SA/VOL| 3| 27| 54| .5|
2| 8| 24| .33|
1| 1| 6| .16|
Index of Cubes


Index SA/VOL

Surface Area to Volume

Cube| Total Volume (cm^3)| Color Volume| Uncolored Volume| Percent Difference (%)| 3| 27| 22| 5| 18.5|
2| 8| 4.75| 1.25| 15.6|
1| 1| 1| 0| 0|


Percent Diffusion

Data Analysis Questions:
1. Cube one had the greatest surface area to volume ration. This value was called an index. 2. The relationship found between the amount of diffusion and the surface area to volume ratio of a cell was the higher percentage diffusion the greater the index. 3. They must maintain an efficient surface area to volume ratio. The ratio is best when cells are smaller. 4. The smallest cube due to it absorbing the most.

5. No because from the lab you can see that when cells become to big, they are harder to manage the incoming nutrients or liquids or the out-coming wastes. Then the volume will increase at a faster rate than the surface area. 6. No, they both increase but not at equal lengths. For example, the volume increases faster than the surface area. 7. The area of the cells not affected by diffusion of NaOH represent the dead living cells 8. Yes, cell shape influences many things. The shape influences the amount of energy stored within, hence changing the rate of diffusion of nutrients and wastes. The diffusion depends of the surface area or volume, so if its surface area or volume is greater than the diffusion rate with become greater. Different shapes have different amounts of volume, so a flat pancake like cell has a greater SA/V ratio...
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