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Joanna Oszczak

AAM 5015 - Marketing

Marilyn Cresswell
Wednesday October 8th, 2014

Reveal - Integrated Marketing Analysis
The Offering - Needs and Wants:
-“Sexy, modern and minimalist”1

-“Staple in the mind of a fashion
conscious consumer”

-“Luxurious, intimate and professional”2

- Need: sex appeal, confidence.
femininity, bold, fierce, relentless attitude
-Maslow’s hierarchy:
-self-esteem building

-belonging: friends and family, status 

-physiologically: ideas of love and
Core product: confidence, sexiness, sweet
smelling perfume

Core benefit: attractiveness

Target Market3:
-Women aged 25-49
-Fashion orientated
-Willing to spend considerably more on brand
name products

-Household income: $75,000+

-Status: 51% single, 48% married

-Education: 21% Bachelor’s degree, 61%

- 79% Feel that they are not complete without a
fragrance or perfume.

-Readers of magazines: Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour Magazine.

(Vault, 2013)


(Brannon, 2010)


(Elle, 2014)

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Positioning - the 4P’s :

-Product: perfume, high end, feminine design
targeting women, pink packaging that is delicate
and modern indesign, glamorized bottle with heavy
gold accents.
-Price: high end ($$$)

-$85.00 for 1.7 oz

-$110.00 for 3.4 oz
Promotion: Printed advertisements, experiential
marketing (perfume samples), commercials, in store
pop up displays, billboards, performance in onsite
Place: Large department stores: Hudson’s Bay, Sears,
Holt Renfrew, 

-Speciality stores: Sephora, Shopper’s Drug Mart, 

-Smaller perfume vendors

- Calvin Klein Stores and Factory Outlets
3 Levels of Product: 

Core Customer Value:

Features: sweet smelling
perfume that will cause
sexual attractiveness, notes
of salt to resemble smell of

Design: Sleek, modern
design with gold accents
Packaging: Pink metallic
decorative box with
Quality: High end
Brand: Calvin Klein
Product Support: Free
samples, free gifts with
purchase, gift box sets,
additional shower gels

After sale service: Customer reviews products (,,

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Analysis: Campaign Effectiveness
In the past Calvin Klein has notoriously been responsible for producing highly sexualized advertisements, and Reveal does not fall short of these expectations. “Beginning with Mark Wahlberg’s mens underwear advertisements, then escalating to racy children’s wear billboards”4, Klein has dominated the scene in producing thought-provoking ads for the last 30 years.5 Through the use of bold controversy, Klein has made his brand continuously aware in consumer minds producing not only an interest but massive brand loyalty worldwide. Calvin Klein has stores in 130 territories outside the United States, and there are currently 650 domestic retail locations. The company is headquartered on Madison Avenue in New York. 6 Calvin Klein, Inc. reported earnings results for the first quarter ended May 4, 2014. For the quarter, net sales of $601.8 million against $548.5 million a year ago. Total revenue was $665.3 million against $607.9 million a year ago. On GAAP basis, earnings before interest and taxes were $73.9 million against loss before interest and taxes of $24.1 million a year ago. On non-GAAP basis, earnings before interest and taxes were $82.1 million against $105.8 million a year ago. For the second quarter of fiscal 2014, revenue is currently expected to be relatively flat to the prior year. For the full year of fiscal 2014, revenue is currently expected to increase







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approximately 4%.7 As seen in Appendix one, Calvin Klein under the management of the PVH group is third amongst it’s competitors for the global apparel and accessory industry. Developing integrated marketing communication programs builds brand equity....
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