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A Better Education
In the 20th century there are many ways to have a great education system. Other countries have excelled in the programs that they have but the United States hasn’t caught up yet. Technology was used in a lot of the online videos. Working together and finding the problem earlier in the individual students own learning early in their school years. Others schools focus only on one subject at a time and other schools do it another way. In an article I read, the grades don’t do any good. It says that in some families the grade is the goal. The article talks about having a system where the grade doesn’t exist, the students will want to challenge themselves to know more. Parents deserve to know how their children are doing in school and students benefit from understanding how they are performing. How that progress is communicated can have a greater impact on how a child learns. In the videos, each school had a different way of teaching the students but each school had one thing a common and at least one thing that is different from the other. Most of the schools use technology in the curriculum and focused on the students rather than if they are hitting the right GLE’s or CLE’s for that semester. In other schools the teachers and educators focus on the students individual learning and using technology which I thought was the best system due to how much each educator loved their job. Also in the video’s each teacher had to go through university and years of observations before they could qualify to be in the classroom. They have to earn their way into the classroom rather than just graduating college and applying for a job somewhere and easily getting the job. The teacher that goes through all of that and still love what they do. In conclusion, there a lot of different ways to have a good education system. It takes a lot of getting back up and trying again after failing multiple times. Each student learns different and it takes dedication to...
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