Argumentative Essay

Topics: Physical Appearance, Physical attractiveness, Sexual attraction Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Brooke Spillman
Professor Pace
Composition 1
3 April 2015
How Does Outer Beauty Destroy Inner Beauty?
The opinions of society play a very large role in how we perceive ourselves, particularly in terms of physical attractiveness. Although judging someone from what they look like on the outside and not getting to know what defines them as a person is considered shallow and superficial, it is what our society has come to. Generally our first appearance is our first impression of how people view us and develop an image of who we are. According to Suzanne Vara, from Brand Marketing Integration, “We are drawn to other people through attraction that is through their physical appearance, their taste, reputation, their friendliness, their generosity, sense of humor, and values.” The physical appearance individuals have is what lures people to one another. If you do not grab people’s attention with your physical appearance, “they will not acknowledge you and if they do not acknowledge you, you have lost that opportunity to capture them” (Vara). Physical appearance can even help, or destroy, your chances of getting a job or promotion. Laura Sinberg, from Forbes, states, “Women who advance more at work are more attractive, thinner, and taller. They have a more youthful appearance than female colleagues who are promoted less often.” A study from Cornell University found that when white females put on an additional 64 pounds, their wages drop 9%. And according to a 2007 paper from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “there is a statistically significant ‘wage penalty’ for overweight and obese white women.” Whether or not weight itself plays a factor in how attractive some is, it is pretty much debatable that we are programmed by society to care about how other people look. Inner beauty shouldn’t be ignored, but society will never ignore outer beauty. No matter what we think or feel is fair, looks matter. A survey examined by Harris Interactive exposes “the belief...

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