Argumentative Essay

Topics: Terrorism, Censorship, September 11 attacks Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Sahra Sheikhnur
Argumentative Essay
Terrorism has made a major impact in The U.S in the past 10 years. Terrorism is very dangerous and has led to many lives being lost. Recently, there have been many terrorist acts going on, which led the U.S. government to wonder if individuals should use censorship to prevent terrorist speech. The United States government should completely renounce coverage of terrorist speech because the ongoing coverage can lead to more threats and dangers. The media is a great way for new supporters to get involved and for terrorists to gain an excessive amount of publicity. Terrorist speech can also benefit terrorists in the future. The U.S. government should censor terrorist speech to minimize recruitment, lost lives, and terrorist supporters. Limited or completely eradicated media coverage can help fight terrorism. Terrorists utilize the media for propaganda, which aids them in recruitment of more followers. When future-terrorists follow up on media coverage, they convince themselves that joining can benefit them somehow. If media coverage was censored, fewer supporters could be recruited into participating into these wrongful acts. If it wasn’t for media coverage, the most well-known and successful terrorist group, Al-Qaeda; would not have accomplished as much as it has. After 9/11 Al- Qaeda recruited many supporters due to media coverage. According to Reto Schilliger, a journalist from a blog on, Al Qaeda was the most effective terrorist attack due to the media, but was also a beneficial asset, “What Al-Qaeda achieved on 9/11 was arguably not only the most extreme and effective terrorist attack ever carried out, but also a highly effective media spectacle with unprecedented return on investment.” Due to all the publicity Al-Qaeda got, it became one of the most effective terrorist acts in the world. Once Al-Qaeda became so well-known, many followers wanted to have their share in fame and publicity. Greater publicity leads...
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