American Society Then and Now

Topics: United States, Iraq War, World War II Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: April 24, 2012
American Society Then and Now

At the time of WWII and the great depression, President Roosevelt was in charge. Usually the results from war are devastation, depression, deprivation, and death. Along with these, war is extremely costly, like WWII costing more than $350 billion dollars. And the numbers of deaths is unreal with more than 292,000 American men killed. WWII had many affects on Americans in the country forcing people to make many sacrifices.

One of the first places Americans were affected is when men were drafted at the start of the war away from their families. This left many jobs open and needing positions filled in order to supply people with the things they need. The result of this led to women filling these empty positions, which was a major change since it was tradition that the men worked and women stayed home with the kids. Now, with women working these jobs, times started to change. The problem with this though, is that there were many women now working full time jobs while still trying to keep things together back at home.

These new job opportunities for women was a positive thing during the war, but there were many negatives too. So many families were split apart as a result of drafting for WWII. Men sacrificed watching their kids grow up and being able to come home and kiss their loved ones. Along with this, not just men were drafted to war—young boys were drafting into this war, which in a sense robbed many of them their childhood and future all together. WWII undoubtedly changed the American family forever since shifts in the family were made.

During the time of war, Americans had to make many other sacrifices including food rationing and recycling. Since America was dealing with the great depression, the Office of Prime Administration set up rationing regulations. Americans were forced to stick to foods such as dried powdered eggs, and liquid paraffin instead of cooking oil. If any Americans violated the...
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