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Topics: Alexander the Great, Achaemenid Empire, Darius III of Persia Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Maria Dentici

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Alexander The Great
         Alexander the Great, son of Phillip II was born on July 20, 356 BC, and became one of the most legendary kings in Macedonian history (Smith). Princess of Olympia, mother of Alexander, was a very powerful woman and, because of this, Alexander did not want to disappoint her. It did not take him long to prove his value to his mother and everyone else around him. Alexander became king at the young age of 20 and six years later conquered the powerful Persian Empire (Smith). Over time he became one of the greatest military leaders. He ended up dying of an unknown disease on June 10th 323 BC (Gale). That marked the end of the powerful empire he built. After his death the empire got divided up into parts and ruled by many different leaders (Smith).          Alexander’s early life was not like the ordinary child of his time. He was born into royalty and a lot was to be expected from him. Most notably Olympias could not wait to see the day her son is king of Macedonia (Borza). However, Phillip II did know the future for his son Alexander. When Alexander was a young boy he showed many extraordinary skills, one of which was taming a horse that no one could seem to control. Alexander’s amazing skills, his father’s mentorship, and being tutored by the great philosopher Aristotle, all led to his greatness. This success started at the young age of fourteen when he became a Macedonian warrior (Borza). Alexander

Maria Dentici learned many valuable things from his father and eventually was rewarded by becoming a Macedonian warrior. Alexander showed impressive skills on the battlefield; this looked to be the beginning of a powerful dynasty between father and son....

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