Alana Hill

Topics: Clothing, Boutique, Retailing Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Alana Hill:

Style of clothing Alex Perry designs:
Alannah Hill designs are passion for love and romance, mixed with unique and whimsical style, embodies all things feminine and marvellous. Her range includes corporate wear and exclusive couture evening gowns. Accessories include handbags, jewellery and shoes.Hill said “I designs Garments for the “Girl Sparks” of this world. The insatiable girls who love clothing, kissing, chocolate, drama and emotion. I design almost 1300 garments a year and I always try to reinvent myself every season”. Alana gains in inspiration from New York, through the terrific vintage shops the gardens and the strange people. The Alannah Hill designs ooze femininity, with their floral and girly prints and combined with luxurious fabrics, velvet, and lashings of lace and crochet detailing. Her line of accessories include flirty creations of quirky hair pieces, vintage styled bracelets, girly brooches and kitsch handbags.

Personal History:
Alannah Hill is an Australian fashion designer, well known in Australia and internationally for her "girly chic" fashion label and boutique chain. Alannah Hill was born in Tasmania in 1963 to Catholic parents in the small coastal town of Penguin. Her parents owned an old fashioned milk bar. At the age of 16 Alannah announced to her parents that she was moving to Melbourne and left her sleepy town with six suitcases full of costumes, $30 and her mother’s wedding ring. Wearing her costumes, such as the policewoman and the sailor girl, each day she was soon noticed in a café, tricking them into thinking she could run something – she was promoted to Head Waitress, even though she had never waitressed before. Alannah soon impressed the owners of a fashion boutique across the road from the café on Melbourne’s Chapel Street. Alannah was hired by Indigo clothing store, where she worked for 15 years. During her employment she would take designs to the owners of the things that she herself would like to...
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