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Christopher Shipman
“Too Excited To Sleep”
Advertisements range from billboards to television commercials to jingles on the radio. Advertising companies have become adept at using images to grab the audience’s attention and implanting the subtlest of subliminal messages to keep the image of their products in the conscious and subconscious thoughts of the audience for extended periods of time. The Disney commercial, “Too Excited To Sleep” depicts two children that are supposed to be in bed but instead are whispering about their expectations of the trip to Disney World they are soon to take. The mother comes in and tells them to go to sleep, to which one of the children responds, “We’re too excited to sleep!” The commercial continues on to scenes of Disney World’s attractions and is concluded by the mother of the children asking the father if he’s asleep. At this point, the father responds, “No, I’m too excited to sleep.” By analyzing the use of image, humor, and fantasy in Disney’s commercial titled “Too Excited To Sleep” it is clear that the company successfully argues that Disney World is a desirable destination for adults, children, and families.

In Disney’s commercial “I’m Too Excited To Sleep”, the advertisers use the imagery of fun and fantasy for all. The use of the family that is too excited to sleep gives the audience a mental image such as Santa visiting and other events that keep them awake from excitement. The scenes of exciting rides like the roller coaster ride in which Goofy is in the front seat and smiling and laughing families are designed specifically to make the audience believe that at Disney World, the audience will be able to forget all of their problems and live in the fantastical world of childhood fantasy come to life. Disney World is depicted to be the most perfect of places to go to relax and have fun and the imagery is very effective in stimulating the audience’s imaginations.

The use of humor in the...
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