Lesson Plan Form 1

Topics: Scientific method, Question, Physics Pages: 5 (626 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Daily Lesson Plan

Class:Form 1 Al- Ghazali
Date:23 March 2010
Time:1.20 pm – 2.30 pm (70 minutes)
No. of students:33 students
Learning Area:Matter
Learning Objective:Understanding that matter has mass and occupies space.

Learning Outcomes:At the end of the lesson, a student is able to:

AMaster content knowledge
a. state that things have mass and occupy space,

b. explain what matter is,

c. relate things and matter,

d. carry out activities to show that air, water, sand and living things have mass and occupy space.

BMaster Scientific Skills/TSTS
a. Students can identify matter by communicating with figure. b. design and carry out an activity in groups to show that air, water, soil and living things have mass and occupy space

CDemonstrate Scientific Attitudes and Noble Values a. Being confident by coming to the front of the class. b. Being thankful to God.

Scientific Concepts:
Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space.

Materials, equipments and resource materials:
Beaker, triple-beam balance, ruler, string, cellophane tape, needle, balloons, sand, water and chocolate

Consideration of Safety Precautions:

Prior Knowledge:
Students have already learnt about mass.

|Phase |Content |Teaching and Learning Activities |Notes | | | |Teacher Activities |Student Activities | | |Introduction/Eliciting|Defined mass. |Make connection to students’ prior |Students respond to | | |Ideas | |knowledge on mass by asking |teacher’s questions |Strategy/Technique: Whole class | |(5 minutes) |Students experienced using |questions. | |Q&A | | |matter such as pencil. |Elicit students’ ideas about matter | | | | | |by asking question. | | | |Structuring/ |Matter is anything that has |Show an animation, then ask students |Students make |Strategy/Technique: | |Restructuring of Ideas|mass and occupies space. |to predict what in common between two|observation |Interactive | |(40 minutes) | |things. | | | | |All things on earth are | |Students respond to | | | |matter. |Ask central guiding questions: |teacher’s questions | | | | |Is it all things have mass and | | | | |Living things for example |occupied space? |Then students carry |Whole class Q&A | | |human, bird are matter. | |out the activity to | | | | |What is matter? |answer the central | | | |Non-living things for example| |guiding questions. | | | |air, water, soil...
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